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Connecting Consumers With Black Owned, Black Operated Businesses Around The Globe

 Atlanta, Georgia—November 13, 2012- Black Owned, Black Operated Business Supports, also known as B.O.B.O.B.S., is a brand new, non-profit organization currently applying for its 501C3. B.O.B.O.B.S. is taking the vital steps to building very important connections between consumers and the vast array of black owned and operated businesses.

Since the “Sweet Auburn Days” in business, there has been a very large gap between the consumer and the business. For this very reason, B.O.B.O.B.S. is working very hard to close this gap by offering the most effective strategies that will not only solidify the relationships between a business and a consumer, these strategies will also spread the business wealth throughout much the community.

 The main goal of B.O.B.O.B.S. is to provide the easiest access to the various black owned and operated businesses that have committed their business to offering exceptional experiences for the consumer, a great product, quality service, and fair pricing. By doing this, B.O.B.O.B.S. will be able offer consumers a place to allocate their financial spending power toward rebuilding their community and paving the way for both current and future generations.

David Crawford, the creator of B.O.B.O.B.S. states that, “On top of creating strong consumer relations, B.O.B.O.B.S. will also ensure quality product and service delivery for every consumer that supports a black owned and operated business through one of B.O.B.O.B.S. various programs.” In fact, B.O.B.O.B.S. has created several programs to help ensure an exciting experience not only for supporters, but for consumers and business owners as well.

For example, you have the B.O.B.O.B.Store, which is an online shopping mall which provides consumers access to unique and inexpensive products and services that are black owned and operated. The B.O.B.O.B.Store also offers great gifts, contest give-a-ways, unbeatable savings, and a piece of mind knowing that their spending goes back into their communities.

In addition to B.O.B.O.B.Store, you have B.O.B.O.B.Score, B.O.B.O.B.Starter, and B.O.B.O.B.Site.

B.O.B.O.B.S is committed to offering ways for supporters to give back to their community. By shopping at businesses that pay their taxes, the community benefits greatly because this increased revenue will allow for the creation of jobs, a fund for road construction, an improved educational system, new parks and recreational centers, and funding for youth programs. All of this will result in an increased property value.

It is extremely easy to get your business listed with B.O.B.O.B.S., and it is extremely easy to give back to your community through B.O.B.O.B.S. So if you would like more information on either of those movements and the B.O.B.O.B.S. Non-Profit Organization in general, visit the official website at http://www.BOBOBS.com today!


If you’d like more information about B.O.B.O.B.S, or to schedule an interview with the creator David Crawford, please  e-mail David at Supporter@BOBOBS.com.

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B.O.B.O.B.S. – ABOUT B.O.B.O.B.Store

(Written by Kyrus Keenan Westcott)Are you interested in an easy to use and navigate online mall that allows you the chance to compare and purchase products from black owned and black operated business vendors? Then the B.O.B.O.B.Store is definitely for you! Never before has it been this easy for consumers to be lead directly to black owned and operated businesses so easily. And on top of that, these black owned and black operated businesses not only provide great productions and great, affordable prices, these black owned and operated businesses also provide the best customer service that you could ever hope for: something that we ALL look for when we are shopping essential items.

In today’s society, we quite often use websites such as Amazon.com or eBay or BestBuy.com, and sometimes we even use Walmart.com or Overstock.com. Those are all very popular websites, but how many of them can you say provide specific links to businesses and stores that give back to their community? Not many. B.O.B.O.B.Store though provides consumers access to stores and merchandise that are guaranteed to assist in the rebuilding in our nation’s communities, particularly the ones who need it the most, ultimately resulting in a sparked local economy.

Supporting these local black owned and black operated businesses through B.O.B.O.B.Store was an idea created by B.O.B.O.B.S. founder David Crawford. David knew that by supporting these local black owned and black operated businesses, this boost in income will help stabilize and create an economic recovery, which will eventually lead to improved schools, improved roads and highways, and even more importantly, a jobs market growth.

So if you are someone who is looking to help their local community and support local black owned and black operated businesses, then B.O.B.O.B.Store is the first place you should look every time. No matter the product, we will always be there to lend a helping hand.

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B.O.B.O.B.S. – ABOUT B.O.B.O.B.Score

(Written by Kyrus Keenan Westcott) The higher your business score, the more customers you will receive. That is the general concept behind B.O.B.O.B.Score, an idea that was created by B.O.B.O.B.S. creator, David Crawford. Here are the facts: there are a lot of people out there who are looking to shop at and support local black owned and black operated businesses across the United States, and if you are a business owner who is looking to capitalize on that market, then you should definitely look into getting a B.O.B.O.B.S. Subscription Based Score. If your score is high, then naturally more customers will flock to your business over other businesses, particularly if your score is higher than other scores.

To achieve a Score, you must provide three very essential services: Great customer service, great pricing, and an overall great experience. By providing these three services, you will ultimately see  a very much improved customer retention rate and new customer. And as a business owner, you should know that an improved customer retention rate will help you earn more money. And that’s what we are all looking to do, right?

 There are many goals in regards to B.O.B.O.B.Score. First and foremost, you will be able to monitor and measure you service performance, and with this information, you can improve your business practices in the long run. Next, you will also be ensuring a high quality of product and service delivery. You could also use this score information to enforce employee integrity, train your employees on customer services practices, and also teach your employees the keys to providing a strong customer relationship.

And lastly, the main goal of B.O.B.O.B.Score is to help stimulate an environment of African American entrepreneurship all across the black community. By supporting these black owned and operated businesses, the black community can surpass all expectations of great service, great products, and great pricing.

 For more information in regards to B.O.B.O.B.Score and how you and your business can join our community, feel free to contact us anytime at Supporter@BOBOBS.com today!

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Why Atlanta’s Sweet Auburn District Is So Important To B.O.B.O.B.S.

(Written by Kyrus Keenan Westcott) While reading about B.O.B.O.B.S. and their mission, you may often see the words “Sweet Auburn” mentioned multiple times by B.O.B.O.B.S.(Black Owned & Black Operated Business Supporters) founder, David Crawford. This is mainly because Sweet Auburn refers to David’s historic hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. In Atlanta, there is a historically African American neighborhood known as The Sweet Auburn Historic District that has origins that go all the way back to the early 20th century. This Sweet Auburn district is 1.5 mile stretch of commercial businesses and social hubs that were created and ran the black community. Designated a National Historic Landmark in 1976, this district would serve as the inspiration for David’s vision of connecting black owned and operated businesses all over the country.

An Atlanta Race Riot in 1906 was beginning of what would eventually become the most vital “black business” area in the city of Atlanta. Before this race riot took place, most of the black owned and operated businesses operated mainly in downtown Atlanta, but competing white businesses only triggered a lot more fear and tension in the downtown Atlanta area. This tension led to the race riot of 1906 and resulted in many African Americans relocating to an area west of downtown Atlanta, on a street named Auburn Avenue.

From here, black owned and black operated businesses began to grow and spawn in that area. In fact, the city’s first black owned life insurance company, known as Atlanta Mutual, opened its doors on “Sweet” Auburn Avenue. From there, the area turned into a celebrated area of black businesses, black newspapers, black churches, and black nightclubs.

Unfortunately, like many inner-city neighborhoods in the United States, Sweet Auburn was claimed as another victim of bad investments, widespread crime, homelessness, and abandonment. Things were not looking good, until the year 2005 when the Historic District Development Corporation was created in order to turn this unfortunate trend around. Since 2005, the HDDC has been working on preserving and renovating the Auburn Avenue area, particularly the areas surrounding the birth home of civil rights legend, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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“The 501c3: What Exactly Does That Mean?”

(Author: Kyrus Keenan Westcott )   B.O.B.O.B.S. has recently announced that it has begun taking the steps toward applying for its 501c3. While some may know exactly what a 501c3 is, a majority of people are not aware of what it is, and how important and influential a form like this is.

Let’s keep it nice and simple: a 501c3 is pretty much a part of the tax code that the IRS supplies to non-profit organizations. This 501c3 take code will define a specific type of non-profit organization, because believe it or not, not all non-profit organizations are the same.

The 501 in the code stands for the tax exemptions for a particular organization, while the c3 will represent the fact that the organization that is applying is being organized and operated for educational, literary, public safety, scientific, chartable, or religious purposes. In addition to those purposes the c3 can also represent a national or international amateur sport league or it can represent a movement that will help prevent cruelty to an animal or a certain type of person.

In the latest studies, the 501c3 is actually the most popular tax exempt form that is filed with the IRS, counting for nearly 80% of non-profits being recognized as qualified charities under this designation. What sets this tax exemption apart is the fact that it is a very highly coveted tax code to have if you are a non-profit organization. These tax exempt organizations are more likely to give back to the community and support causes that most other organizations do not think twice about.

The primary purpose of these 501c3 organizations is to assist hospitals, schools, and educational services in poor or underprivileged areas around the United States. These organizations are a force for good in our country, and B.O.B.O.B.S is doing everything in their part to make sure that they can give back to the community as well.

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The B.O.B.O.B.Supporter Tips to Great Customer Service

The B.O.B.O.B.Supporter Tips to Great Customer Service(Author: Kyrus Keenan Westcott) Here at B.O.B.O.B.Supporter, we love to support black owned and black operated businesses that not only offer a great, quality product, but we also love to support businesses that offer great customer service as well. You see, offering a great product is beneficial, but people will always remember how you treat them while they are shopping in your establishment.

So for all of those black owned and black operated businesses out there are not exactly sure what exactly constitutes as great customer service, here are some healthy tips to achieve that goal.

Clear & Precise Explanations
A customer that is upset is usually a customer that is misinformed. For example, if you run a furniture company, your customers should get detailed explanation has to how your furniture delivery process works. You should never assume that the customer already knows how it works. If there is something you cannot do for a customer because of a company guideline or a rule, kindly explain to the customer why it cannot be done. Usually it is for their own safety and/or convenience.

Always Stay Calm and Have a Polite Demeanor
If a customer service representative does not sound or behave in a polite manner in person, through the Internet, or over the phone, or if they are simply just not nice to people in general, then they should look into finding another place of employment. The way that your customer service reps speak with your customers will directly affect the way the customer speaks to them in return. A quality customer service rep should never try to talk over a customer, nor should they raise their voice if the customer begins to get loud and upset. No matter who seems to win a shouting match between a customer and a staff member, the staff member should lose by default for being drawn into a shouting match.

Always Pay Close Attention
The worst thing you can do to a customer is not pay close attention to their needs. It is very important that you put away any and all distractions and listen to the customer as carefully as possible. Write down notes if you have to. A good business person does not need to ask the same question more than once.

Under-promise, Then Over-Deliver
This is an old adage but it will always ring true in the business world. A huge part of how a customer will view their overall experience with your business is based on the expectations that were set. A good business will always deliver on promises and then go above and beyond to impress. This technique will blow their mind every time.

Post Your Policies
This is particularly true if you run your business online or through a website. For example, if your product is non-returnable, then it is YOUR responsibility to make sure that the rule is posted clearly in a place where the customer can see it BEFORE the item is purchased.

Follow these tips and your business will always be exceeding expectations for the customer.

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B.O.B.O.B.S. Promotes Buying From Locally Owned Black Businesses

B.O.B.O.B.S. Logo(Author: Kyrus Keenan Westcott)  Throughout the years, there has been one sure thing when it comes to business: buying products from a local, independently owned business can reap many benefits for the community. B.O.B.O.B.S. is here to promote that notion by helping people support locally owned, black businesses in communities that need help the most.

So why should you buy local? Well, quite frankly, if you buy from a local store, you are ultimately supporting yourself. B.O.B.O.B.S. has done a lot of research that suggests that if you buy from an independent, locally owned business, instead of buying from a nationally owned corporation, then a significant portion of your money will be used to make purchases from other local businesses as well.

B.O.B.O.B.S. is very much dedicated to helping to improve the educational system, funding new parks and building new recreational centers. By buying from a local business, that local business will then be more able to donate money to local charities. It is proven that non-profit organizations actually receive 250% more support and money from a small business owner as opposed to assistance from a large business or corporation.

By supporting local businesses, you are also making a smaller environmental impact. Local owned businesses are able to make a lot more local purchases as opposed to a larger business. This ultimately leads to less traffic congestion, less overall pollution, and a decrease in lost habitat.

B.O.B.O.B.S.(Black Owned, Black Operated Business Supporter) also finds that by supporting a local, black owned business, you are actually helping to create more jobs as well. Believe it or not, small businesses are the largest employer of people in the United States, and supporting a local business may lead to more local residents working for them, which will lead to more people making money, which will lead to more people spending money, which will mean more money for local businesses!

Overall, B.O.B.O.B.S. knows that encouraging a local prosperity is important. David Crawford, the owner and manager of B.O.B.O.B.S. says, “If you think about local businesses first and purchase from local businesses whenever you can, that will inevitably equal a better community for everyone to live in.”

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