B.O.B.O.B.S. – ABOUT B.O.B.O.B.Score

(Written by Kyrus Keenan Westcott) The higher your business score, the more customers you will receive. That is the general concept behind B.O.B.O.B.Score, an idea that was created by B.O.B.O.B.S. creator, David Crawford. Here are the facts: there are a lot of people out there who are looking to shop at and support local black owned and black operated businesses across the United States, and if you are a business owner who is looking to capitalize on that market, then you should definitely look into getting a B.O.B.O.B.S. Subscription Based Score. If your score is high, then naturally more customers will flock to your business over other businesses, particularly if your score is higher than other scores.

To achieve a Score, you must provide three very essential services: Great customer service, great pricing, and an overall great experience. By providing these three services, you will ultimately see  a very much improved customer retention rate and new customer. And as a business owner, you should know that an improved customer retention rate will help you earn more money. And that’s what we are all looking to do, right?

 There are many goals in regards to B.O.B.O.B.Score. First and foremost, you will be able to monitor and measure you service performance, and with this information, you can improve your business practices in the long run. Next, you will also be ensuring a high quality of product and service delivery. You could also use this score information to enforce employee integrity, train your employees on customer services practices, and also teach your employees the keys to providing a strong customer relationship.

And lastly, the main goal of B.O.B.O.B.Score is to help stimulate an environment of African American entrepreneurship all across the black community. By supporting these black owned and operated businesses, the black community can surpass all expectations of great service, great products, and great pricing.

 For more information in regards to B.O.B.O.B.Score and how you and your business can join our community, feel free to contact us anytime at Supporter@BOBOBS.com today!

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