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The B.O.B.O.B.Supporter Tips to Great Customer Service

The B.O.B.O.B.Supporter Tips to Great Customer Service(Author: Kyrus Keenan Westcott) Here at B.O.B.O.B.Supporter, we love to support black owned and black operated businesses that not only offer a great, quality product, but we also love to support businesses that offer great customer service as well. You see, offering a great product is beneficial, but people will always remember how you treat them while they are shopping in your establishment.

So for all of those black owned and black operated businesses out there are not exactly sure what exactly constitutes as great customer service, here are some healthy tips to achieve that goal.

Clear & Precise Explanations
A customer that is upset is usually a customer that is misinformed. For example, if you run a furniture company, your customers should get detailed explanation has to how your furniture delivery process works. You should never assume that the customer already knows how it works. If there is something you cannot do for a customer because of a company guideline or a rule, kindly explain to the customer why it cannot be done. Usually it is for their own safety and/or convenience.

Always Stay Calm and Have a Polite Demeanor
If a customer service representative does not sound or behave in a polite manner in person, through the Internet, or over the phone, or if they are simply just not nice to people in general, then they should look into finding another place of employment. The way that your customer service reps speak with your customers will directly affect the way the customer speaks to them in return. A quality customer service rep should never try to talk over a customer, nor should they raise their voice if the customer begins to get loud and upset. No matter who seems to win a shouting match between a customer and a staff member, the staff member should lose by default for being drawn into a shouting match.

Always Pay Close Attention
The worst thing you can do to a customer is not pay close attention to their needs. It is very important that you put away any and all distractions and listen to the customer as carefully as possible. Write down notes if you have to. A good business person does not need to ask the same question more than once.

Under-promise, Then Over-Deliver
This is an old adage but it will always ring true in the business world. A huge part of how a customer will view their overall experience with your business is based on the expectations that were set. A good business will always deliver on promises and then go above and beyond to impress. This technique will blow their mind every time.

Post Your Policies
This is particularly true if you run your business online or through a website. For example, if your product is non-returnable, then it is YOUR responsibility to make sure that the rule is posted clearly in a place where the customer can see it BEFORE the item is purchased.

Follow these tips and your business will always be exceeding expectations for the customer.


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